Date of Birth: 15.05.1985, Germany

Course of education:
2001 – 2003 certified Beautician
2004 – 2005 certified  Make-up Artist
2012 – 2013  Aura Training
2014 – 2015 spiritual Lifecoach
2017 – Völva / Priestess of Freya Training

As a child I always wanted to become a painter, but when an adult told me that I wont earn any money in life but only after I have died, I decided that might not be the best thing to do. I still love drawing, especially mermaids or women and painting my universe paintings. And since a few months I am part of creating the artwork for a new business venture of a friend incl. designing a set of oracle cards.

When I had to choose a Job, I decided to become a Make-up Artist, as I always loved doing Make-up too. I became a beautician first and after that I moved to Hamburg Germany to become and work as a Make-up Artist. I was specialized in photo and video make-up and loved doing creativ projects. One of my biggest goals back then was to do the make-up and hairstyling for a Vogue cover. When I finally established and all these things I dreamed of where within a  reach of a hand I got diagnosed with breast cancer and so everything changed.

I had to take a break, went through chemotherapy, radiotherapy and a couple of surgeries. My work as a Make-up Artist helped me feeling more like me again during that time and helped me to create the „Human Hair Bands“ that I am now selling online to other cancer patients. I also wrote down my experiences of the cancer journey and how that was an important milestone in my spiritual awakeing process, how I learned about things like selflove, relationships, soulplans and so on. Soon I got many feedbacks about how the sharing of my experiences helped and encouraged other women. So I continued sharing my journey.

I did an aura training, became a spiritual life coach and angel card reader, but so far it felt like i needed these trainings primarily for myself. But time after time I feel like I can use this knowledge and my experiences to help other people on their journey as well.

In October 2017 I moved to Glastonbury for my personal and spiritual healing journey. At first I didnt know what would happen and for how long I would stay but a week later I was accepted for the „Way of the Völva / Priestess of Freya“ training in the Goddess House which started just a few weeks later.

Another passion of mine is traveling to sacred places, feel the connection to nature and long ago times and I love to inspire others on their journey with sharing my story and insights. I feel like its so important to help each other rise and raise our vibrations. So for the future there are already new ideas in the pipeline to integrate this passion of traveling into my life as well.