We all have a unique story. We all have made experiences that were painful, scary and or overwhelming. Especially the experiences that we have made in our early childhood are very imprinting and thats the time when our wounds create patterns to survive. Those patterns might have been important back then, but now they are blocking us from living our highest potential. They are like little blockages where the energy is stuck. This in combination with our later in life experiences that caused ptsd, anxiety, depression, burn out etc. is our very own personal and individual bagagge that everyone of us is carrying. On top of this we often feel a pressure related to society, family and financial matters and suddenly we are stuck in an ill making spiral that will eventually manifest in physical symptoms such as cancer.

Since my first awakenings that started with my breastcancer experience in 2011 I felt inspired to share my own story and experiences to inspire and help others on their way too. In this time I started to paint universe inspired paintings. On my journey I met others who feel the same call, to share their own personal heros journey, to help rising the consiousness, help people to heal themselves and therfore co-create a new world. I feel like Avalon Rituals is going to be a community of people offering their services and unique story to that purpose and I like the idea that everybody is supporting, helping and encouraging each other instead of feeling some kind of competition.

Wil and I are also doing private Sacred Site Tours, Avalon Retreats, Events and Sound Activations to support people on their personal and spiritual growth journey. More details will be online soon. www.avalon-rituals.com