When I moved to Glastonbury I thought I would focus on my spiritual and personal growth journey, which is what I am doing, but just a few days after I arrived in Glastonbury, I met Daniela. She is a photographer, also from Germany, and moved to Glastonbury a couple of months before me. Soon we knew that we would not only be friends but also work together and do spiritual photo shoots to empower people and show how beautiful and strong they are and help them to heal and grow.

We also felt like it is important to share our own story and journey to inspire and help others on their way too. So we created Avalon Rituals to have the possibility by doing this through a Blog. But very soon there were other people saying „Oh I like the idea, maybe we can somehow work together“. We all feel the same calling, do what we love to do and help others to heal and to grow. So I feel like Avalon Rituals is going to be part of a community of people offering their services to that purpose and I like the idea that everybody is supporting, helping and encouraging each other instead of feeling some kind of competition.